Fallout 76 is Constantly Improving and Coming to Steam Later This Year

Coming Soon..?

Bethesda announced today that several of their titles are coming to Steam including Fallout 76. I am sure some fans are relieved since the thought of yet another game launcher is a bit too much. Regardless, at least you will have Steam as an option coming “later this year. Also, with the latest Wild Appalachia update, at least Bethesda is patching and keeping things fresh for current Bethesda.net launcher clients.

To say there has been a lot of controversy and differing opinions since the launch of Fallout 76 might be the biggest understatement of the past few years in the gaming world as we know it. Honestly, I think the game would have been much more successful as a free to play or even a small monthly sub rather than a $59.99 full retail game as advertised. That being said, I have enjoyed my time with the game thus far but I am also playing it 99% solo. I don’t care for the multiplayer aspect per se but have dabbled here and there. With constant improvements, I think the game is getting better but is it too little too late?