FINAL FANTASY IX Is Coming to the PS4

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In some rather exciting new for Final Fantasy fans, Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy IX out on the PS4. It appears as though they are simply once again releasing the game for the PS4, with no details if any of the features will be enhanced. The original game was released in 2000, but released again in 2015 for PC.

In Japan the game is already available for download on the PS Store, while we await news for further availability around the world. This is one of the FF that I never actually got to play, along with every other FF thereafter, so it would be grand if I could get my hands on a copy.

Just looking at the trailer before for the PS4 release, it looks worth spending days on enjoying.

Will any of you be getting a PS4 version of the game? Did you play the original version? Let us know your thoughts and what you'd expect from this re-release.


Source: KOTAKU



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