FINAL FANTASY XV First Free DLC Coming In December

Final Fantasy XV is expected to launch their first DLC in Japan December 22nd...and there's a lot in there! Siliconera reports players with and without a season pass will be receiving content, although season pass holders will be receiving additional content. Here are some of the items listed as part of the update...

No Season Pass...

  • Level Stopper
  • Annihilation Victory Song
  • Mog Choco T-shirt (Noctis Exclusive)*
  • Limited Time Carnival Ticket**

Season Pass

  • Protection Ring
  • Command Booster (Noctis Exclusive)
  • Phantom Booster (Noctis Exclusive)
  • Instant Kill Victory Song
  • Battle Skill Victory Song
  • Key of Fortune
  • Stamina Anchor (Noctis Exclusive)
  • Carnival Style (Noctis Only)*
  • Photo Frame (Holiday Pack Exclusive)*
  • Limited Time Carnival Ticket+**

That limited time carnival ticket will be put to use in late January when the Mog Choco Carnival event launches in late January. Square Enix has also added the ability to start a new game with your previous save data, as well as provided "frames" to add to your pictures should you wish to share them on social media. 

Overall a meaty update! The people who opted out of the season pass are getting a better deal than I thought they would! As mentioned before this free DLC is confirmed for a Japan update and no word yet on the Western world...but I'm sure we'll be seeing it around the same time.