First Impressions: ROCKET LEAGUES Hoops Mode Is Alright But Rocket Labs Is Awesome

Last night Rocket League dropped their long awaited update featuring new content, and two new modes for fans to try! I hunkered down on the Xbox One and took some video footage to show along with my thoughts on the new game mode.

HOOPS (0:00-5:00)

This is the mode everyone was eager to play. I did three matches and still don't know where I stand on it. The first game was a complete annihilation and taught me my first lesson of how to "git gud" at Hoops. If you're good at aerial shots, you're going to annihilate this mode. If you're not good at aerial shots, just pray the two you're playing against are just as bad.

If everyone is weak on the aerial game you get a game much more like my game 2 (shown in video). I chose to show this game as it was my most enjoyable experience thus far in the mode and everyone seemed to have a grasp on what they were doing unlike game 3.

Game 3 was a disaster and taught me perhaps the most important lesson of how to master Hoops. For the love of God don't be the guy who has to hit the ball every damn time. Think before you launch the ball halfway across the map. Doing that in this mode 9/10 times results in ricochet own goals far more often than they don't. We're talking an end game score of 9-3 where 5 of those are own goals due to the careless clearing of the ball.

Aesthetically you'll notice a few differences. The ball glows the color of the team that hit it last, the wheels squeak like shoes on a hardwood floor while driving, and the map itself feels smaller than the classic mode.

Overall not as smooth as a transition as the hockey mode, but not at all bad. I would say it'll take some getting used to for players to truly appreciate this mode.

Rocket Labs (5:00-9:04)

Here's a mode I didn't even know would exist prior to the update and ended up being my favorite thing to play! Rocket Labs consists of experimental maps for players to try out in 3v3 match-ups. Larger maps with bumpy terrain didn't give any unfair advantage or unlucky bounces anymore so than usual play, and I felt freshened up the game in a good way. Not every map variant I played was awesome, but most were. As it stands right now I see myself playing this mode far more than Hoops.

That's my thoughts...anyone agree? Disagree? Let us know!