First Trailer For Sports RPG GOLF STORY Looks Super Fun

If you're someone who is a fan of the SNES aesthetic but also have had a hankering for a golf based RPG, man do I have a game for you! Golf Story is just what I described, and it's coming to the Nintendo Switch this Summer. Here are some of the features for the game via their website: 

Tee up anywhere! You’ll be surprised by how many problems can be solved by hitting a golf ball at them.

Explore 8 unique environments, each with their own courses, towns, people and secrets.

Play through a dramatic story with a diverse cast of characters.

Upgrade your golfer by completing challenges, solving puzzles and buying new equipment.

Round out your skill set with long driver tournaments, disc golf, mini golf and wee links. Then go beyond golf with extra challenges like races, mowing, drone flights and geocaching.

Well I'm game! Take a look at the trailer and let us know if you feel the same.