FORTNITE Twitch Streamer, Ninja, Makes $500,000 A Month


One of Twitch’s superstar streamers, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, recently achieved a new record when he streamed Fortnite with Drake. Although Drake’s involvement in the stream was a pretty massive deal in Fortnite Streaming, it’s just one of the many success stories of Ninja. 

Ninja recently confirmed a report from Forbes, claiming that the streamer makes more than $500,000 a month from his streaming career. Ninja’s subscribers hugely drove that sum on Twitch, which the company uses as the basis for the amount of money they will pay to the channel’s owner. Also, Blevins claimed that majority of his revenues come from Amazon and Twitch Prime subscribers, as well as followers on his social media platforms. 

In an interview with CNBC, Ninja explained that:

“The combination of all those things is really where the collected revenues are coming from. The deal that Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime have together is incredible. Twitch Prime allows people to claim loot and collect loot with specific games, and they recently did a deal with Fortnite, which is the hottest game right now, and that is actually one of the main reasons of the influx on subscribers to my stream.”

After all the success that Ninja is going through, he offered straightforward advice to aspiring streamers who wish to be as successful as him: 

“All the kids out there, you can’t just drop everything and focus on playing video games for a living. It’s also becoming a very competitive career choice right now, and you want to make sure you’re securing your future and putting in the extra time to try to make this happen as well.” 

When asked what he’s doing with his earnings, Ninja confirmed that he is investing the money and saving much of it as possible. Why do you think Ninja is successful? Have you seen his streams of Fortnite

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