Free-to-play DOOM Weekends And Discounts Coming Up

Bethesda has just announced one of the more exciting game news this year for me! Along with the latest Update 666 which sees free DLC being made available for the game, players that do not own Doom at all will be able to download and play it for free these upcoming weekends. during the 'Ultimate Doom Experience'.

If you’re someone who just hasn’t tried DOOM yet, we’re giving you the ultimate opportunity to try out one of the most talked about games of 2016. Starting at 12:00 pm ET on Thursday, July 20, on Xbox One, 1pm ET on Thursday, July 20 on PC, and 12:00 pm ET on Thursday, July 27 on PlayStation 4, you can try DOOM for free. Blast hordes of demons in the first two levels of DOOM’s critically acclaimed campaign, then ratchet up the intensity by going for a high-score in Arcade Mode. Plus, you’ll also have unlimited access to DOOM’s multiplayer and SnapMap modes for the duration of the weekend. If you choose to purchase during the free weekend, all of your progress in campaign and multiplayer is saved and you’ll continue right from where you left off.

As if that wasn't enough, they are also selling the Digital version of the game at an all time low. It will be on sale at $14.99 (US) / £11.99 (UK) / $17.99 (AUS) and will include the campaign, arcade mode, all of the DLC, and countless hours of SnapMap. 

I haven't been able to get my hands on DOOM yet, so you can count on me finally trying it out for free on the PS4 and giving it my all as I shoot everyone and everything to shreds. I suspect that I will enjoy it so much that I will inevitable take the digital discount and finally download it.

Are you aching to get your hands on this? Will you be joining me in playing on the free weekends? Let us know how it goes.


Source: Bethesda