Fresh Gameplay Of POWER RANGERS: MEGA BATTLE Hits The Web

Gamespot managed to snag some gameplay with the new Power Rangers: Mega Battle, and I feel a bit less enthused than I was when I initially saw it. I thought I could put my dislike of the art style out of my head, but man it looks like garbage. The gameplay seems to be your typical arcade beat-em-up so no complaints there, but the Megazord battle is just kind of awful.

In the Megazord phase, you and your team first blast at weak points in the enemy and then start hitting quick time events in unison to win. It's not a battle as much as it is a minigame that will either be needlessly repetitive or drag down the experience when someone can't hit the buttons correctly. 

All in all, I'm very disappointed with what I saw. There was a lot of potential for a game like this and it seems like they more or less are hoping people will buy it on name alone. The game is set to launch in 2017.