Friday Night Spotlight: DEUS EX: MD Prima LE Guide and 4K Shots

Adam Jensen is Back...

... and badder than ever! Not only is Square Enix's latest outing in the Deus Ex universe, bigger, badder, and I daresay, even better than the last, it's definitely had a major graphical update. Click on any of the shots in this feature for the full 4K resolution. Also, Prima Games has released a Limited Edition guide that rocks the house.

Prima Scores Big

Not only is the game impressive but this Limited Edition Guide from Prima is top notch. It includes all the goodies you need to master the game, an eGuide version of the materials, and best of all, a sweet hardcover and Developer Commentary. Regardless of how you play the game, the guide is a gem. Delicious! 

Check out the game here and the guide here. Bam!