Futuristic VR Game FARHOME Will Take You To New Worlds

As the world of virtual reality gaming continues to expand, so do the type of games that are becoming available for players to fill their libraries with. DEVCUBESTUDIO has gone above and beyond, literally, with their latest upcoming VR title Farhome.

Taking you to other planets to fight aliens, while giving you challenges and puzzles to solve along the way, you will be the only one who can prevent a major catastrophe that is about to hit Earth! Check out the trailer and see if you think you could handle the experience:

While you will be exploring different planets with unique environments, players will get to chose from two character classes during early access. Hopefully each of these classes will offer something unique about picking them and show what more classes with the final release could mean for the players experience. The good news is that this virtual reality experience is available right now, on early access, via Steam!

It's great to see the world of virtual reality gaming continue to expand into more massive style gameplay. Now its time to see if the hype lives up to the hope. Does this seem like a game you would want if you had the VR kit? Or do you already have VR, in which do you think this game looks like its worth adding to your library?