Game Freak Recruiting For Potential Nintendo Switch POKEMON Game

Game Freak is hiring again, and we have strong evidence to believe it's for a console RPG. Why? That's what they say in their ad. Siliconera reports the company posted an ad looking for someone to design character models as well debug a console game for a "popular title just about everyone knows." It's not entirely surprising as we heard multiple sources confirming that Nintendo had plans to release a deluxe version of Pokemon Sun & Moon on the Switch, but when the reveal for the console came and went the rumors died down.

You gotta wonder if they're hiring someone to design models if we might be getting an upgraded edition, or perhaps a different Pokemon RPG completely. Let's not forget Pokemon Colosseum on the Nintendo GameCube was technically a Pokemon RPG even if it wasn't the typical Pokemon game.  While I enjoyed that game, I would certainly much rather have something more like the handheld Pokemon games, even if it meant a sacrifice in graphics. Do you think we're finally going to see a full Pokemon game on console?