Games To Get: ATTACK ON TITAN Brings The Show's Intensity To Console

Fast Facts

Game Title: Attack On Titan

Genre: Action with RPG level building upgrades

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Price: $59.99

Why You Should Get It

The hottest anime of the past decade gets a video game, and you're hesitant? I understand your apprehension. Let's be honest, many of us were waiting to see if Koei Tecmo's game wasn't somehow a Dynasty Warriors re-skin before purchasing. I'm not one to diss a publisher, but more often than not their games tend to lack a bit of polish in terms of mechanics when compared to other developers. 

That said Attack on Titan is the unlikely dream. The mechanics of flying ODM gear look more difficult in the show than they are executed in-game. It's a good thing too because the last thing you'll need to be battling is your controls while taking on these Titans!

Battling Titans takes a bit to learn exactly how the process works, but you'll be a pro before you know it and slashing neck napes like it was your calling all along. In fact, battling Titans is super easy...until it isn't. 

It's not the individual battles you feel the adrenaline kick in but, much like the show, when you get overrun, you'll start to panic. You'll go from fine to f***** in the addition of two Titans, but usually, you just have to refocus your strategy or run away to get it together. 

A lot of it depends on who you are. Each member of the human fighting force has their own unique abilities. Eren is the balanced character (until later when you can unlock his Titan ability), Mikasa is primarily a power character, and Armin can command multiple teammates to attack Titans. 

For the most part, you'll find yourself zipping around completing primary and side objectives to complete your missions. Typically, it's better to do the side missions as they'll make your main mission easier to accomplish. 

You'll also get to control Eren as a Titan, which is fun in the early game, but can get a bit frustrating in the late game as his controls are a bit labored. It's still fun, but it could use some polish. 

As far as those of you who are wondering how far the story goes, we officially end the story mode at the end of the first season, unfortunately. Granted, you can take on two additional main character Titans in a challenge mode of sorts, but they don't advance the story or reveal more in any way. If there was any disappointment in me playing this game, it was there. Let's just accept that the second season is never happening and let the games tell the manga's story!


Although it reaches just barely beyond the games first season, Attack on Titan is an insanely fun action game with plenty of stuff to play, unlock, and master. Buy it if you love the show, rent it if you are skeptical. You'll be convinced after playing.