Games To Get: LASTFIGHT Brings Back Isometric Fighters And Local Multiplayer

Fast Facts

Game Title: LastFight

Genre: Isometric Fighting Game

Platform: Steam, PS4, Xbox One

Price: $14.99

Why You Should Get It

Remember the game Power Stone on Sega Dreamcast? You might not, but if you do you know it was one of the best fighting games out there. The isometric fighting style, multiplayer capabilities, transforming abilities, and interactive objects made for a Smash Bros experience in a pre-Melee world. 

It's insane I've had to wait this long to get a spiritual successor, but at long last I now have LastFight to quell my decade-long hankering for this experience once more. 

One of the biggest strengths of LastFight is it's ease of picking up and playing. You have your quick hit button, heavy hit button, jump, throw, dash and shield. Friends who come to visit will have no problem mastering this game, and before you know it you'll be trading off wins in up to 4 player matches!

Local multiplayer is the key here, as there is no online mode for you to enjoy. That was a bit of a disappointment to me personally, but I can settle for stomping my friends and the challenging AI the game has to offer. The game also offers several modes for you to occupy the time you'd otherwise be queueing to get stomped by some griefer anyway. 

The story mode is pretty hilarious! You have to rescue your girlfriend (or your friend's girlfriend depending on who you pick) while all your friends get addicted to some brain warping drugs. Maybe it's the English translation from French, but the text falls on some really dry humor that made me chuckle a couple times. For anyone who may be French, the game itself is based off the comic LastMan and features the same protagonists you see in the comic. 

The price is a little high considering there's no online mode, I'll admit, but if you're a fan of Power Stone this is your new game that you'll play to no end. 


Great, easy to pick up fighting game. Local multiplayer only. Must own for Power Stone fans...maybe wait for a sale if you're not too crazy about that game.