Games To Get: NO MARIO'S SKY Allows You To Squish Endless Goombas On Quintillion Planets

Fast Facts:

Game Title: No Mario's Sky

Genre: A procedurally generated Mario game that allows space travel and "endless possibilities"

Platform: PC

Price: Free (Get it here)

Why You Should Get It

No Mario's Sky is a free game created as part of the Ludum Dare 36 (indie game creation contest), and perhaps a statement on one of the most controversial games currently on the market right now. In 72 hours, ASMB (developer) created a procedurally based game that lets you play an endless amount of Mario levels. Compare that to 3 years in No Man's Sky and perhaps creating a procedurally generated engine isn't as difficult as us non-tech savvy people would believe. 

The game isn't perfect as it was created in 72 hours so you'll have some minor clipping issues, but hell we live in a time where games in development for years are launching broken so what's the problem? At least they aren't charging us $60 for it. 

Honestly, the game is pretty fun all things considered. Do I see myself playing it for hours and months to find every planet and squish every Goomba? No, but can you ever see yourself playing a repetitive game like this endlessly? Maybe that's the point. 


It's a parody of No Man's Sky and Super Mario Bros. It's free. It's a great example of why procedurally generated games are flawed and not limitless.