Games To Get: MOIRAI Is Free And Freaky

Fast Facts: 

Game title: Moirai

Price: Currently free on Steam

Genre: Innovative Adventure Game

Why You Should Get It

First off, why wouldn't you get a free game? Moirai is currently sitting at the top of the free to play games on Steam, and with good reason. I'll start off by telling you my favorite thing about this game is the concept behind it, which I think you need to experience for yourself to fully appreciate (IF YOU REALLY CAN'T WAIT MY PLAYTHROUGH IN THE VIDEO SHOWS THE ENTIRE CONCEPT AND GAME...but watching a little won't spoil things). I can't really go into detail without spoiling what makes this game so great, but I can tell you that your character is trying to solve the case of a missing woman in town. 

The game takes all of 7 minutes to complete and I would love to see it fleshed out into a much larger project. 


It's free on Steam...get it. Also, shout out to my cousin Matthew for telling me about this game.