GameTyrant Dota 2 Amateur Open Tournament

by Former GT Staff Writer

GameTyrant is partnering with MOBA eSports Gaming to bring you our first Dota 2 Amateur Open for the Texas, Utah, and Colorado states!

We will be having a growing cash prize pool depending on number of teams that sign up, as well as giving away some goodies for teams.

If you are in the Texas, Utah, or Colorado areas and want to compete click on this link to register under the tournament tab.  You must register as a full team, entries are $25 a team with a portion going to the prize pool. This will all be streamed online via GameTyrant and MOBA eSports Twitch Channels and there will be giveaways for spectators. Check out some of the goodies we have in store!


GameTyrant Tournament Rules

Tournament & League Tournament Rules

Specific details for any League, League Tournament or Stand Alone Tournament will be made available through the registration form of those specific events.

Registration Period

Registration for all GameTyrant tournament and league events will last 30 days unless otherwise stated.


For ease of coordination and communication, Team Captains will assume the responsibility of completing all registration requirements for all tournament and league formats offered through GameTyrant.

All Tournament/League Tournament segments will be completed over the course of either one or two weekends, depending upon number of registered teams.

Discord Server
*NOTE – Initial contact and communication outside of actual competition segments will be made via email for any leagues, league tournaments, and stand alone tournaments to Team Captain.

All coordination of Tournament/League Tournament information during actual competition segments will be communicated by coordinators to Team Captains through the MEG Discord Server.

All Team Captains are required to be present in the GameTyrant Discord Server for the duration of all actual competition segments. Space on the GameTyrant Discord Server will be reserved for full teams should they decide to utilize it during GameTyrant events.

GameTyrant expects the highest regards and respect be given to all players during all events. Violent, abusive and belligerent language can result in team expulsion with no refund.


Team Captains are responsible for the submission of any Entry Fees for league or tournament play.

Any Entry Fees paid to GameTyrant for any tournament or league format is nonrefundable unless the entire event is canceled. In that circumstance, money will be refunded to the Team Captain.

Winners of any prizes either through stream giveaways or tournament/league formats are required to provide all shipping information including full name, address and telephone number. This is a requirement by all parcel services.

Cash Prize Pools will be paid out to Team Captains.


Qualifier Round (Sudden Death)
*NOTE – For League Tournaments, this segment of rules does not apply.

Day 1: All registered teams will compete in a Sudden Death Qualifier where losers are eliminated and winners continue to advance through a fast paced series of Best-Of-One match ups until the Top 4 teams remain. These teams will advance to the Finals portion on day 2.
1st Match starts at 12pm CST/11 MST
Pairings are randomized
Participating teams must arrive at least 30 minutes before play

Day 2: Finals (Single Elimination Bo3's)
Matches start at 12pm CST/11 MST
Participating teams must arrive at least 30 minutes before play
Pairings are randomized

The Top 4 teams in the Finals portion of a MEG tournament/league tournament will compete in a series of Best of Three match ups in a Single Elimination format until 2 teams have been eliminated.

The remaining 2 teams will move into the Grand Finals portion.

Grand Finals

Matches will be played as best of three.

Some prizes will include:
CASH PRIZE for 1st place (Prize pool determined by total number of teams registered)
AZIO MGK Retro given away to two lucky participants
Various DOTA Hats will be given away
5x PUDGE Chains of the Black Death Legendary Set

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