GEN CON 2016: 5 Games We're Excited To Try

The biggest tabletop convention in America is back this year and I have a laundry list of things I'm trying to get my hands on at Gen Con! Here's some stuff I'm really curious to try that you'll be interested to hear about...


This game was announced by Jasco games in October and has had little to no fanfare since. I just happened to see Jasco would be offering demos on the game at Gen Con and am really curious as to how the game will play! My assumption is that you'll be bounty hunters trying to make the most money, but honestly, I have no clue. Regardless, I'm a sucker for the series and would love to own a great game for it!

Boss Monster VR

Boss Monster is a tabletop game that really embodies gaming. It's box looks like a retro NES box and it's 8 Bit art style really gives you that warm nostalgic feeling. In it, you control a "Boss" who has to protect his dungeon from heroes trying to invade it for riches. Now, a VR game is in the works and while I'm a big fan of how tabletop forces human interaction I'm super curious to see how it will work! These games getting a digital presence will ultimately help the genre grow and bring in a wider variety of gamers.


Bloodborne was a huge success on the PS4, but we will learn at Gen Con if it becomes a tabletop success as well. Game creator Eric Lang has an impressive pedigree having created the popular XCOM tabletop game as well as the Call of Cthulhu TCG. Lang has described his game as "Simple, yet immersive" which I'm sure is how most people ideally want their game viewed but knowing his past work I have high hopes for this one.

HERO REALMS (Successor To Star Realms)

Star Realms remains my top pick for cheap to play deck builders, and while I'm excited about the big tournament happening at Gen Con, I'm even more excited to play the new successor to the game Hero Realms! Hero Realms takes the same basic mechanics of Star Realms and translates it to a world of fantasy. We learned a while back that the two games will be similar with a bit of a noted difference (characters) between Hero Realms and Star Realms. $600,000 raised on Kickstarter doesn't lie...this one looks like it'll be good!

Out of all the games at Gen Con this one is THE game I'm most personally excited about.

Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis

This game has been out for awhile, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. That's the ultimate beauty of Gen Con! You're essentially just traveling around playing games for free and deciding if you want to buy them. The thought of having a team that has Finn and Jake with Samurai Jack and Johnny Bravo is just too awesome to think about. This will be one of my guaranteed stops at the con.

Of course I also work for the reader and I know you guys undoubtedly have some tabletop games you'd like to see at the Con so let me know what you want to see and I'll do my best to try them out for you and give my opinion!