GOD EATER 3 Introduces New 8-Player Co-Op Mode


Having an epic game series where you fight monstrously huge enemies with large weapons, incredible strength, and agile move sets is one thing, but to be able to play these kinds of games with friends is just that much better! The God Eater series has been known to allow this with their previous four player co-op missions so far, but this time they are taking it another step further.

Bandai Namco has announced that God Eater 3 will have an entirely new mission, available to players the day of its release in Early 2019, that will allow up to eight players to cooperate and work together. This mission will be known as an Assault Mission. If you haven’t seen God Eater 3 in action yet, check this out:

I always find games that let you play cooperatively with your friends to be more enjoyable as it gives you the option of bringing help or, in some cases, helping your friend with a tough enemy. Knowing that this mode is set to have up to eight players at once, the enemy is undoubtedly going to be strong enough to require a minimum of five players at once!

The battle will continue as long as the beasts roam the land and it’s up to you to end this. Do you have the companions to take on an Assault Mission? How do you feel this quest will impact your adventure in the next God Eater title?