Grandmother Who Plays SKYRIM On Youtube Is The Mr. Rogers Of Gaming

Just days after she's received her Silver Play button we would like to officially deem Shirley Curry the Mr. Rodgers of gaming. If you've never heard of Shirley or watched her videos, you wouldn't understand until you watch one of her videos. Take a listen to her first episode below and tell me she doesn't have that Fred Rodgers soothing voice and attitude!

It's such an odd thing to find an elderly woman sweet and endearing when she's cutting down enemies with a broadsword, but inevitably you grow to love her playthroughs. She isn't screaming, exaggerating reactions, or dyeing the top of her hair a neon color...she's just loving Skyrim and sharing her love with her subscribers. That level of honesty and not trying to be a spectacle come off more fascinating than the typical "Let's Play" Youtuber you'll find. 

There's something mystifying about meeting someone over the age of 60 who is actually well versed in gaming. We aren't watching someone's grandma taking her first stab at a video game, it's clear that Shirley has played through Skyrim at least a couple times before starting these videos!

She's also incredibly dedicated. On average Shirley uploads a video a day of her either playing Skyrim (her main game), another game, or perhaps a video blog updating on her life. That dedication has paid off as Shirley now sits at over 170k subscribers on the service!

Shirley Curry is the start of something. In an age where your average 12 year old spends more time watching Youtube than television, she's one of the good ones providing content they'll watch and that's more than appropriate for a young age group. I wouldn't be surprise if someone comes along hoping to mimic her success for profit, as Shirley has yet to do so herself. Let's hope there's enough good in the world not to ruin a good thing while we have it. 

Thanks for all your hard work Shirley and making the world a cool and unique place!