Guy Creates Working YUGIOH Duel Disc Using Microsoft HoloLens

Your dream of banishing people to the Shadow Realm is the closest it's ever been to being possible. GeneralKidd is in the process of developing a Hololens app that recognizes YuGiOh cards and pulls up an AR image to levitate above the card! 


As of now, the demo is really rough but you'll see a lot of characters in their digital form if you watch the video below! Here's a note from the developer...

I dug out my old Yugioh duel disk and got it working with the HoloLens. The previous vuforia demo was updated to support the Yugioh Duel Disk now and it works pretty well. Not all cards are still recognized but I was surprised at how well it worked with the duel disk. Soon you'll have the option to duel with a duel disk just like in the show! Enjoy! 

Pretty impressive but is it impressive enough for you to spend $3000 on a Microsoft Hololens? I'm not so sure about that.