HALF-LIFE 2 is One Click Closer to Virtual Reality


As some of you die-hard Half-Life fans may recall we were treated to a VR mod of Half-Life 2 in 2013, which many had stated was ahead of its time. Players and reviewers praised it for being one of the best VR experiences available at the time...and then it was shut down. While the software for headsets were updated over time, Valve Software simply didn't bother updating the Source Implementation software, which meant that the original mod could only be played on old headsets with outdated software.

Well, the Source VR Mod team are bringing this mod back to life. I was strolling through the Steam Greenlight forest when the moonlight of hope shone down upon me and directed me to this new gem. It appears as though the team includes some of the original mod team with a very extra hands to get this development underway.

"Half Life 2: VR will be distributed free of charge,but requires that you own the normal desktop versions of Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode 1 & Half Life 2: Episode 2 on Steam. Half Life 2: VR is a mod and was not created by Valve Software."

If one follows the details on Road to VR, quite a lot of information has been released on what can be expected. The most significant aspects highlighted are HDR lighting, updated effects and texture, a new VR user interface, realistic weapon interactions and multiple VR locomotions. What's interesting to note is that ambidextrous support will be catered for. That means that, even though the right hand is favored, there will be additional support for those lefties out there, creating opportunities for two-handed weapons.

Source VR Mod are calling out for support now though. They've put the project up for Steam Greenlight funding, hoping to garner the support of Half-Life 2 fans:

"But in order to launch the Half-Life 2: VR mod on Steam for a simple one-click installation, the team needs your help. The group has launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for the project, which allows the community to vote on those which they think should be allowed to be distributed through Steam. Head over to the page to vote for the mod if you’d like to step into the shoes of Gordon Freeman in VR."

Even though I have personally not binged on the Half-Life series, I know a tremendous amount of gamers in the community that would love to get their virtual hands on this mod. Remember, this is not a stand-alone game, but rather a mod on the original Half-Life 2 and an upgrade on the previous mod.

So if this is something you would like to see come to virtual life, head on over to the Steam Greenlight Community and have your say.

Sources: Steam Greenlight; Road to VR