Article contains affiliate links which provide commission to GameTyrant.com

Article contains affiliate links which provide commission to GameTyrant.com

As part of yesterday’s Inside Xbox show it was finally announced that Halo: The Master Chief Collection would finally be coming to PC. Fans have been calling for the release of MCC on PC for years and now that wish has become a reality. Better yet it has also been revealed that the game will release across both Steam and the Windows Store further giving PC players the choice of where they get the game. It was however announced that the game will feature a staggered release with one game being added to the compilation at a time instead of a bulk bundle. It was also revealed that 343 had help with the PC iteration of MCC from other studios including Ruffian, whose Crackdown 2 game is now free! MCC on PC is also expected to support ultra wide display resolutions and other settings PC players expect.

In addition to the announcement that MCC would be heading to PC it was also revealed that series prequel Halo: Reach would also be getting added to the already impressive game collection. Halo: Reach launched back in September 2010 and was the last game in the series made by the original creators at Bungie. Reach has been another addition to the collection fans have been calling for as the original version of the game pushed the Xbox 360 to its limits and an updated version would allow players to truly experience the game in a more enjoyable way. Halo: Reach will feature 4K visuals, HDR and 60 FPS gameplay just like the rest of the games included in MCC. For current Xbox One owners of MCC Reach’s multiplayer will be added to the game free of charge so all players can continue to have a seamless experience with their friends. The campaign will also be sold as DLC to those who want it. Reach will also be the first game released in the PC version of MCC with the rest of the series following in chronological order.

Unfortunately no release dates for the PC version of MCC or for when Reach will be added to the Xbox One version have been announced. No word has been given on if the Windows Store version will be a part of the Play Anywhere program as well. We also need the announcement that Halo 5’s campaign will also make its way to PC!

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