MEGA MAN LEGACY COLLECTION was one of those games that felt incomplete when it released back in 2015.  While it did come with tons of extras in the form of art galleries and challenge stages, it only included the first 6 games of the franchise.  Thankfully Mega Man Legacy Collection came at a low asking price.

Today at E3 2017 I got to go hands on with MEGA MAN LEGACY COLLECTION 2!  Including the last four games in the original Mega Man saga, Mega Man 7 – 10, players can finally enjoy all 10 games on a single console.  Diving into the game I decided to try out MEGA MAN 7 as it had been quite some time since I played it.  From the Intro stage to defeating Cloud Man everything felt just as I remembered on an SNES cart.  While I don’t have the SNES version on hand to compare the demo to right now, I refuse to believe that after the work that went into Mega Man Legacy Collections accurate NES emulation Capcom would skimp on Legacy 2. 

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 still features, at least in Mega Man 7, the additions found in the first legacy collection.  Save states make a comeback for those who have a harder time with game and graphics options ensure the game looks appropriately retro for those who want that truly classic experience ex: myself!  After my time with Mega Man 7, I went back to the main menu to see what other modes the game had.  I am happy to see that art gallery is a returning feature as the concept art of these older games is fascinating to me.  Challenge mode is also returning so everyone who loves leaderboards be prepared to show everyone your stuff!

At the end of the day Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is a game that should have released back with its first half in 2015.  As a long time Mega Man fan I am happy that Legacy 2 even exists and as long as it launches at a good price like its predecessor I see no reason not to add this to my collection in August!