When Memes Become Games: HARAMBE VS. CAPCOM

Whether you love it, hate it, or just simply don't care, the controversy of Harambe has become a meme and it's still very much a thing. Consequently, so is Harambe Vs. Capcom, which was one of this past week's most surprising bits of gaming news that didn't come from the Tokyo Game Show.

Check out the trailer for it :

The game comes from Otaku Gang who describe themselves as an underground culture collective that creates music and video game parodies. It's intended as a tribute to both Harambe and everything Capcom, and it's actually not as terrible or half-assed as one would expect. Harambe Vs. Capcom even has a story mode where you play as Harambe to stop a plot by a shadow agency that intends to murder him. The agency will stop at nothing to rid the world of Harambe's existence because they found out about his psychic powers. Because of this, he's on the run and seeking the help of Ryu, who he was told by an informant, will grant him safe passage to the Airport in order to escape to Africa, but not before testing Harambe's might and mettle. For now, however, Harambe has used his psychic powers to convince the media to report his death and get a head start. 

Is this game a contender for game of the year? Not really, but the guys that made it did a pretty decent job at bringing Harambe to life in all his pixelated glory while also providing a classic Capcom fighting game experience. 

Harambe Vs. Capcom is available for PC only and you can download it for free here.

via Polygon

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