HARRY POTTER Deckbuilder Announced

USAopoly is developing a Harry Potter based deckbuilder. The game will pit heroes against the miscellaneous villains of the universe including Voldemort himself. Yeah I said his name I ain't afraid. Here's some additional details from the game's wesbsite...

  • Play together as your favorite heroes! Harry, Ron, Hermione or Neville
  • Relive the excitement of the Wizarding World as you battle evil forces to defend HOGWARTS™
  • Become a more powerful wizard as you learn new spells and acquire more allies and items
  • Unlock new secrets and challenges with each successive game adventure

Odd choice to lump Neville in there with playable heroes, but it is what it is. Tentative price for the game is set around $50 which seems steep for a deckbuilder, but maybe that includes enough for all players? One would hope! The game will premiere at GenCon with limited copies being sold then and then a full release to follow after. We'll be there to check it out!