HEARTHSTONE Gets Funky With New Expansion "One Night In Karazhan"

Hearthstone's latest campaign expansion has to be by far it's most entertaining and hilarious yet. One Night In Karazhan takes you to a grand party hosted by Magus Medivh. The new mode features a brand new campaign and a crazy cinematic trailer. Watch that and continue on below...


So what's on tap for this new campaign? Blizzard says to expect new "portal spells" will be available to summon minions to the field. You also, as usual, will receive a new game board for your purchase of the expansion. Furthermore, all players will get to play the first mission for free upon its release!

Eurogamer has some fresh gameplay of the adventure, which you can check out below. WHY DIDN'T THEY CLICK ANY OF THE GAME BOARD?!