Here's A Lame Trailer Announcing The Exciting Return Of TIMESPLITTERS!

The TimeSplitters are returning, and the devs chose a terrible way to showcase that awesome news. This teaser trailer for TimeSplitters Rewind is about 1:45 seconds of green kryptonite looking crystals floating in space before the logo for the game is revealed without any further explanation. If you can bear to watch that grueling crystal floating you'll catch brief glimpses of past characters in the series as well as some echoey audio clips from past games. It's kind of neat but how about telling us what to expect for the new game?!

Considering the series is about time travel, it's really hard to say whether TimeSplitters Rewind is a remaster or an entirely new adventure that rehashes the past games! I'm hoping it's the former as I loved when the other games revisited past events from prior games. Ultimately, I guess I don't really care as long as the fun as hell multiplayer experience makes it's way back into the game! TimeSplitters: Rewind is expected to release in 2018...hopefully we'll know what it is by then.