Here's How That CRASH BANDICOOT "Woah" Thing Got Started

Over the past week, the gaming community has been struck by a meme that's as hilarious as it is inescapable. For those that don't know, a ridiculous amount of videos featuring a corrupted Crash Bandicoot saying "woah," have flooded the shown below:

The video that started it all can be found below, but while many think that's how this whole thing got started it actually goes even deeper than that:

Turns out this whole thing began thanks to iconic YouTuber Oney and his playthrough of Crash Bandicoot. In an attempt to mimic the actual "Whoa," Crash does in the game Oney came up with a much sillier version and his audience loved it so much he began to do it every time he jumped in the game:

This would then lead to Oney uploading a video of him messing with a 3D animation of Crash and making the iconic sound we hear in all the videos out right now:

So there it is. In the freak chance anyone around you tries to say this meme is stupid you now have all you need to educate them on the background and likely prove their point. 

Source: Know Your Meme