Here's What It's Like To See Through The Eyes Of Bruce Wayne In BATMAN: ARKHAM VR

Prepare to geek out as you see this gameplay footage from Batman: Arkham VR! In this nearly 3 minute video, you'll experience what it's like to be someone who is in Batman's body. For example, I don't think Batman would use the grappling hook to navigate his Batcave...but I sure as hell would! I'm also not sure Batman would randomly toss batarangs into the abyss, but you best believe I'm throwing one straight at Alfred's head when I get one!

I also happened to hear what I think is an Easter egg to the DC universe as well? Listen closely to when Alfred is talking as I think he mentions a murder in the Queen family? I wonder if that's Oliver Queen's family they are talking about! 

I didn't expect to be geeking out about this as much as I am but here we are. Batman: Arkham VR releases October 11th.