HOLLOW KNIGHT'S Upcoming DLC Is Getting A Name Change

About a month ago, Team Cherry revealed the release date of the upcoming DLC for the hit game Hollow Knight, which is scheduled to release this August. However, the developer recently announced that a few changes would be made to the expansion, specifically a name change. 

The good news is that everything is still set for the August release of the DLC. However, due to a conflict with a “certain mobile game,” Team Cherry has now changed the name of the expansion from Gods & Glory to Godmaster

Changing a DLC’s name is more complicated than one might think. Team Cherry would have to re-code the title screen and basically re-brand the whole thing, but everything seems to be on schedule. The studio confirmed that everything we saw from the announcement trailer will still be present in the game, which is still free by the way. 

Hollow Knight is now available on the PC and Switch. A DLC for the game called Godmaster is scheduled to release on August 23. 

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