How to Lose 85,000 Followers in 3 Hours: The TWITCH and SYNDROME208 Situation

 As the planet becomes smaller and smaller due to the advent of Internet technology and all of its innovations, our outreach to fellow community members becomes stronger and more closely connected. Such was the case with Steven Greenley (aka Syndrome208) and his solid follower base of 85,000+ that, due to reasons beyond anyone’s expectations, disappeared within hours.

When Syndrome208 worked at a hardware store and then found it financially more sound to stay at home to attend to his growing base, he had implemented an automated system to help his followers stay engaged. In this interview, we flesh out the details behind why this was highly beneficial to keep his followers rewarded for their loyalty, and also became the very detriment of his new career in Twitch streaming. 

This episode of GameTyrant Audio focuses on the benefits and pitfalls of modern Internet technology, as it becomes the digital representation of setting up shop and working to provide for ourselves as we provide a service to a worldwide community. In this conversation, we go into the details of how someone loses a following of 85,395 in about 3 hours.

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