Indie Spotlight: Check Out TOGETHER, a Game About Balancing Love and Personal Needs


Do you have a fear of commitment? Are you not sure whether a long-term relationship is for you? Then try out Together, an indie game that puts players in a loving relationship where they will have to balance love and personal needs. 

Furthermore, the game, which currently has a mostly positive rating on Steam, will let players choose between choices that will affect the player’s happiness and the satisfaction of their partner. The game works as the player is given a heart positioned at the bottom of the screen. Several choices will start to fall, and the player must decide whether to accept the decision by catching it with the blue heart or ignore it by letting it fall on the screen. The choices are varied and can affect you and your partner in good and bad ways. 

“Can you survive being in a relationship? Together is a game about being with someone. Someone who is kind. Someone who makes you happy. Someone whose metal state requires a lot of your time and energy. Someone who you care about. But after you’ve invested so much love in being with them, what happens when they no longer feel the same way?”

The game explores the complexity of being in a serious relationship with another person. How will you react when your partner, who you love very much, requires a lot from you? What will you do when your partner becomes distant? All of those scenarios will be played out in Together, and the player’s choices will determine whether they will save the relationship, or doom it forever. Of course, just like in real life, and in a real relationship, there is only one way to find out. 

Together is a free-to-play game for the PC and Mac. You can download the game from its Steam page here

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