INDIVISIBLE Set to Feature Array of Other Indie Game Characters

One of the best things about indie games: the people who pour their blood, sweat, and tears into these projects get to retain all of the rights to their creations. This means when developers are really digging each other's jams their characters can make guest appearances in a totally unrelated title. Well the rapidly growing action RPG from Lab Zero Games has garnered attention from some of indie gaming's biggest players. Indivisible will be featuring playable characters from a wide array of very popular passion projects. Bellow are a list of some of the promised unlock-able characters so far:

  • Juan — Guacamelee (Drinkbox Studios)
  • Shovel Knight — Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games)
  • The Drifter — Hyper Light Drifter (Heart Machine)
  • Calibretto — Battle Chasers (Airship Syndicate)
  • Annie — Skull Girls (Lab Zero)
  • Lea — Curses 'N' Chaos (Tribute Games)
  • Zackasaurus — Super Time Force Ultra (Capy Games)

Indivisible is about half-way to their $1.5 Million goal on IndieGoGo which ends on November 15th. We did a comprehensive write up on the playable prototype here on GameTyrant. It is poised to be a super fun and wildly unique game. Check out their campaign and donate a few bucks.

Source: Polygon

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