INFLICTION First Impression: A Refreshing Take On Classic Horror

Sometimes horror it at its best when we return to its roots. The simple aspects have been exploited and overused, but to take them and revive the style by mixing it with a taste of modern horror is almost like a refresh to the genre's core.

After playing the demo for Infliction by Caustic Reality I can tell that this is the exact mix they are going for. I have been excited about this game since I first saw the announcement trailer a while back and it was awesome to finally get my hands on a playable version of the game. 


While the game takes place in first person, it starts off with the helpless and confused aspect. Waking up on the floor, laying on a pool of blood, and locked inside a room, who knows what will actually happen next?

After finding a chunk of the story, the door mysteriously unlocks and when you exit there's a nice greeting from the peripheral vision. With a few more supernatural actions taking place, including a classic gurgled moan from our ghost antagonist, you are left to look around the hallway.

Here's where you find a very Silent Hills P.T. reminiscent hallway shelf with a phone, picture, and trash to look through. After more actions are taken and small fright builders are done, another one of the previously locked doors open up and you get to foolishly venture in.

This is where the game becomes more intricate and the horror gets to be a mix of the classic scares. From seeing a difference in the room through the mirror to investigating through a dark basement, the bad decisions continue. In fact, towards the end, I could tell I was going to die, but I was still nervous and tried to escape.


We are going to get to experience horror through all its classic glory while learning of a dark new story. After what I experienced in the short demo, I can only imagine that Infliction is going to bring some more classic setups that we are too familiar with, but still not able to calmly handle.


I have high hopes for what the full game of Infliction will hold from how much they have shown off so far. Sure the demo was short, but it showed the full potential this team has with this game. It is completely probable that this could be the next defenseless horror that we, the horror fans, have been waiting to see get made!

If you are interested in helping this game become a reality, be sure to stop by their Kickstarter.