Interview: Can You Survive the JAWS OF EXTINCTION

Fighting your way through enemies and sustaining life through means of scavenging through farmlands or towns, and building homes in open areas; the main tasks that make up a survival game. These are some key components that make up what people enjoy about having to complete a game's main objective while trying to keep their character alive and vital for the story.

The aspects that make up the upcoming indie game Jaws of Extinction, or JoE, by Know Your Enemy Creations, or KYE Creations, cover all three of those key components and much more. The main game will land you on the shores of Eden-Nadir, a beautiful open world filled with wildlife to hunt and harvest, thick forests, woodlands and farmland to gather resources, villages and towns to loot and find equipment, vast swamp lands and hillsides to build makeshift buildings from scrap and resources or fortify one of the buildings on a roadside, such as a gas station or a house in a village, by claiming it and adding new features, such as sniper towers and dead fall traps.

While you are setting up your home and collecting materials, your character will have vitals to be kept up and balanced as well. The vital signs have been based of a real human health system. Your hunger will deplete over 21 days before effecting your health and thrust will deplete over 3 days before effecting health. This is all depending on how excessive you are with running and how often you rest and eat.


A virus has taken hold of humanity and is ravaging the entire planet. After discovering individuals with a rare genetic immunity to the infection the world’s military rounded up any immune survivors they found, and under the pretence of giving them a safe place to live, incarcerated them in Lockcrest Prison, off the shore of the island of Eden-Nadir. In an attempt to find a cure the prisoners of Lockcrest were experimented upon mercilessly.

Now, months in to the outbreak, the world has collapsed and the military have gone rogue, taking what they want from the locals by force. As a result of this a resistance has grown on the island. The native townsfolk have had enough. Led by John Nadir, the main landowner of the island, the people of Eden-Nadir have taken up arms against the military tyranny and are fighting back, and having discovered what was going on at Lockcrest, a breakout has been engineered. John Nadir seeks to find the cure to the virus himself, but to do that he needs someone to bring him the results of the Lockcrest Experiments. Someone who knows how to fight to survive. Someone like you.

Q&A With Ryan Thirlwall

Q: What can players expect when playing your game?
A: "As a player after choosing to select a male or female character, you will be given the option to play the single player tutorial, that will teach you the mechanics of the game while you escape the prison island (this is optional)."

Q: What type of missions or quests will they face?
A: "Make friends with the local resistance and take on quests to gather intel or take out a nearby military patrol for rewards like equipment and resources, help defend safe zones against the wandering undead, complete a continuous side quests that will be added with every update and help John Nadir in order to complete the story that only unlocks when you complete challenges and quests or reach a certain character level."

Q: Will it be multiplayer?
A: "Yes, do all this online with Friends and up to 99 other players. (Yes, 100+ players per server!!)"

Q: Can you tell me more about the game play?
A: "You will get to play first or third person view, each having perks and disadvantages with the typical health, thirst, hunger and body temperature vital stats, there is NO stamina statistic this has been replaced with energy that will deplete over a 24 hour (in-game time) period with the day and night cycle. Energy can be replenished by resting eating and drinking like real life, once your energy is depleted your character will go into adrenaline mode causing the the camera to shake and will start depleting all other vital stats over time until it is replenished."

Q: What are the options for building customization?
A: "The player building system is based off Rust legacy with parts of the new system, like the building wheel. These makeshift bases can be defended and raid proofed via carefully placing traps within the structure like floors that give way into a pit of spikes or doors rigged with falling weapons that will engage when the door is entered (not opened)."

Q: What options for housing are there other than to build your own home?
A: "You can claim prefabricated buildings like stores, police stations, gas stations, houses that will auto fortify on being claimed then allowing you to upgrade areas to build vehicle maintenance areas, sniper/lookout towers and so on, this all costs a lot more resources that a makeshift building."

Q: What is the main objective for the player? Survival, craft or missions?
A: "The player gets to choose their own goal, they can follow the story, or just build, hunt and kill zombies or helping or destroying communities other other players and survivors."

Check out the Trailer:

Jaws of Extinction by Know Your Enemy Creations is expected to release its PublicAlpha, Early Access version in Q3 of 2017 on Windows via Steam. They will also have a kickstarter to help fund the game for publishing on Xbox One and Playstation 4 as well.

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