Interview: Learn More About The Pixelated Indie Game DEATH TRASH

The problem with a lot of games is how generic the story line is and over-used the game play style becomes in an age where multiple games are released, all with the same concept or value. This is one of the causes of gamers finding themselves playing the same type of games over and over, or for multiple hours. Other than the fact that the games they choose to spend time on are the games the enjoy, the hunt for something new is only exciting when the turn out is a something different, yet fun and exciting. Whether that would be the story line or twist, game play style for the genre it is in or even down to the controls for some.

With generalization in mind, Stephan Hövelbrinks of Crafting Legends Studio is creating Death Trash. He's doing all the work himself, from designs to programming, his only assistance is from James Dean who is handling the audio.

Being made with the Unity engine, Death Trash is this grotesque, gory, post-apocalyptic adventure that will offer choices for the players to make as they continue through the story. These decisions will affect the path the story takes, the outlook on your character and even how the NPC's in the game act and react. It will offer a range of game play with real time combat, crafting options and abilities to choose from. You will forced to interact with beings that may be horrid to look at and some normal humans, but the truth of their goals and personalities may not be what you expect.

"The goal with Death Trash is to create a role playing game in a dirty cyberpunk setting with a lot of options. The main focus is on bringing the world alive where grotesque characters and scenarios are at the center stage." - Stephan Hövelbrinks


It has been generations since the Great Galactic War, and now civilization begins to rise again on planet Tauris V, far from Earth. As civilization starts to revive, so does the age-old power struggle between factions. Now resources, influence and beliefs begins anew. But this time the Ancients, larger-than-life beings from all around the galaxy that have been casted on this planet, are freed from their shackles and the ever-growing Heart pounds for the Flesh Hive. Now you are the key to solving or escalating this conflict. With fate in your hands and the ultimate choices that will affect, not only you, but all of Tauris V citizens, you must decide the route for your character to take. Do you want to become a religious cult leader and bring about the next "true" belief? Do you want to help freeing all Flesh Titans or would you rather see the destruction and demise of them all? The future will be your choices.

Due to the destruction of the infrastructure on Tauris V, some people have been gathering and building the new civilization. But there are also sightings of strange larger-than-life beings happening more and more, and there are black machines in search for someone, systematically catching and examining people. Who is it that they are looking for? You, perhaps?

"The Story is still very much in flux. Player decisions will also have a role in it. The hero, customized by player, starts out at one of the communities in the post-apocalyptic wasteland." - Stephan Hövelbrinks

Game Play

This role playing game will contain a personalized stat chart for the player to add its own unique skill which can increase, while containing a story that is lead by the choices you make and an interactive world that will feel and react to the consequences of your decisions. It will be played in real time throughout the entirety of the game. With the open world freedom to do anything from being good to literally killing anyone at anytime, choosing who you speak to and even deciding you are done talking to them at any moment, which path will you take?

It will be compatible with both game pad's and mouse-and-keyboard set ups, ready to be switched at any point in the game. The combat is set up like a twin stick shooter, or the classic WASD for movement and mouse for targeting. It will be have a bird's eye view of the game and, apart from the world map, there is no screen that takes the camera away from the character and scene view.

Q&A with Stephan Hövelbrinks

Q: How long have you been working on this game?
A: "Since June 2015. It started with some concept images, but after a few days I also started to code the framework. Since then I've been working alone on it, later joined by James Dean who's now working on all audio elements."

Q: What are the characters names? Or can we expect there be any customization?
A: "There will be character customization. Visual and also some stats and story background related elements. The basic stats system that is in the prototype right now works in the way that you can distribute points anytime, meaning you don't have to assign them right at the start of the game. The player can enter a name but there will also be some pre-made characters like Mildred, the Shotgunlady."

Q: What characters are the most interesting, to you, in Death Trash?
A: "The most interesting characters you meet in the game are probably the big flesh titans, which have names like Fleshkraken, the Pompous Queen, the Bleeding Head Oracle and so on."

Q: What age group are you targeting?
A: "This game is targeted at adults mostly. I do think that the art style makes all the violence parts a bit more harmless, but there will be swearing, sexual references and some disturbing themes."

Q: What inspired you to create this game?
A: "I always wanted to create a role playing game with a breathing, living world and a lot of choices. But I was never sure about the setting or if I would be able to create the art for it. When I experimented with pixel art, got some characters and scenery I liked, and also saw this world with a post-apocalyptic vibe but a lot of grotesque influences in front of me, everything came together. There's of course the gaming influences like Fallout, Ultima 7, Planescape Torment, Monkey Island. But there's also a lot of influences from Black and Death Metal, Literature, living in a city like Berlin, etc. Death Trash is like a canvas you can throw many things in and it still keeps a coherent feel. At least that's what I'm trying to achieve."

Here's 15 minutes of an Early Prototype:

Death Trash will release on PC via Windows, Mac and Linux, including Steam. He is hoping to get it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. It's expected launch will be in Q1 of 2018, but there is an expected, playable demo to be released within the next upcoming months!

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