IRON HARVEST Shows Off A New Map In Latest Trailer!

One of my favorite games of E3 2019 was Iron Harvest. This Steampunk inspired RTS had me glued to my seat with its tactical approach to unit and base building. Today King Art Games has released a new trailer that showcases the newest map being added to the game. Dubbed Oil-spill, this new map is focused on 1v1 engagements. Players will have bases on opposite sides of the map with a village and industrial complex set between them. The village and Industrial complex will be loaded with resources so they represent a very strategic point of interest. Check out the trailer below!

Iron Harvest is expected to launch later this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. With its focus on tactical maneuvering over CPM I actually have high hopes for the console version. Regardless of where you decide to pick up Iron Harvest it looks set to be the best RTS in years!

Are you planning to pick up Iron Harvest?