Is The Lore For FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Getting A Reboot?

From the incredible analyst team over at the YouTube channel Game Theory we are given an interesting answer to a question we didn’t think to ask before: Is the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) series getting a lore reboot? Their latest channel breaks down the idea that everything that we knew about the series story line up until now has been a big fabricated lie by game series creator Scott Cawthon himself, as he was paid to do so by the Fazbear Industries. The proof that MatPat pulls to prove this idea is hard to argue with…

In a twenty-two minute breakdown, embed for you below, we learn that the one game that was considered non-canon by creator and fan base alike, FNaF World, has a connection with one of the games that are canon. This connection leads us down a rabbit hole that takes us to listen more carefully at the words said in the latest FNaF VR game Help Wanted, where we are told everything was a lie. Confirming this is the few lines and actual boss fights within FNaF World that tell us, “Not to trust the one pulling the strings” and then later fighting Scott himself in the game. It’s a wild story that throws away all of the crazy lore regarding restless spirits and a crazed killer just to replace it with something from the Matrix.

Now we are edging into new canon lore that springs us straight into a new line of games, starting with the soon-to-launch AR title Special Delivery and followed by the subtly announced title on the Scott Games website set to launch in 2020, that is sure to break this down in a wild conspiracy style way. This new lore is the idea that the code itself can become sentient and/or a part of the real world. Yes, you read that right and can listen to the proper breakdown from the theorist team yourself, the canon has become all about code coming to life! We got a taste of this through the endings in the virtual reality title of the series, but to see it taking front point is something else entirely.

If you are a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s, or at least enjoy the lore of it all, then this is a must-watch video.