Ivy And Zasalamel Revealed To Join The SOULCALIBUR VI Roster


The ivy rope sword wielding soul crusher, Ivy, and the noble scythe using brute, Zasalamel, are making a devastating entry into the SoulCalibur VI character roster list. Showing off some of their classic skill along with some brand new combo's and ultimate attacks, these two are once again going to be make players rage quit.

Featured in their own character reveal trailers, you can see just how badass these two characters can be when used properly. I always hated fighting against Ivy in the previous titles and could never get the hang of her combat style, she is going to be one hell of a fight for me. Let's start by showing off the inappropriately dressed Ivy first:

Now that you are worried about fighting against her, lets move on to one of the hard hitters. Zasalamel still seems to have a slow, but powerful move set for the next SoulCalibur entry. Check out his awesome reveal trailer:

These two characters are definitely going to prove to be a challenge to fight against and players that fight well with them will certainly be able to make many opponents rage. While my mind is still set on hopping back into the series with my man Kilik, these new characters are still looking pretty ruthless. Do you plan on using Ivy or Zasalamel, or has your character of choice even been revealed yet?