Jontron Speaks Out About Nostralrius And Blizzard

Typically known for his commentary and long form videos about terrible games and movies, you don't get much serious content from Jon Jafari aka Jontron. Really I don't think I've seen him say anything serious in the public eye outside of when he walked away from Game Grumps!

In a 9 minute rant, the Youtube personality speaks out about the injustice that was done by Blizzard in shutting down Vanilla World of Warcraft server Nostralrius. He acknowledges Blizzard was within their legal right to shut down the server, but then goes on to talk about how that doesn't make them any less dicks for doing so.

He's not the first to speak out about the issue, but it doesn't hurt to have someone with a 2 million subscriber fan base to make his anger on the subject known!

If this doesn't lead to a resurrection of Nostralrius, let's hope it leads to real change in Blizzard going back to giving gamers what they want.