Justice: Paypal Will Not Refund Twitch Troll Who Donated $50k

Twitch troll iNexusNinja will NOT be receiving the $50,000 he donated to various streamers on Twitch back. The 18 year old planned to donate tons of cash to streamers only to cancel the transaction a month later when the streamers would have likely spent the money. LivestreamFails reports that Paypal declined to give the boy his money back and side with the streamers.

This is good as it shows Paypal taking a stance against a common abuse against streamers in the Twitch community. Trolls often donate large sums of cash to get the streamer excited, and then immediately cancel the transaction because that's literally the funniest s*** anyone has ever done...ever. Basically it's kids being jerks.

While you might be inclined to side with iNexusNinja and think he perhaps made a mistake, you should probably watch the below video first and see him in action. There's a clear intention here it's not like it was a one and done thing.