KILL LA KILL's Arena Fighter Gets A Free Demo Leading Up To Launch


The upcoming arena fighting game based on the anime is releasing a free demo weeks before the official game launch! PQube, Arc System Works and Studio TRIGGER have announced that KILL la KILL - IF will have a demo available as early as July 8th on the European PlayStation 4 platform. This demo is planned to last indefinitely leading up to the official launch on July 26th for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch systems in the European region. However, the game will be available on Steam worldwide on July 25th!

In the demo you can expect to enjoy both of the following aspects:

  • The first chapter of Story Mode

  • Versus Mode with Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ira Gamagoori and Uzu Sanageyama

This announcement was accompanied by the release of two character trailers which feature both of the anime's antagonists: The Grand Couturier Nui Harime and Honnouji Academy President herself - Ragyo Kiryuin. Both of these character trailers are in Japanese, but even if you can’t understand what is being said you can see the crazy action this game is going to feature!

European fans of KILL la KILL that are looking into this arena fighter game can also look into getting themselves a limited edition as well. This lovely Limited Edition is available with select retailers in the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, and more. It comes with:

・Mr. Sushio’s main artwork
・Original Artbook
・Original Soundtrack
・Mak-Roquette Squeezie

So will you be getting KILL la KILL - IF with or without the limited edition? Any European’s looking forward to taking advantage of the free demo starting tomorrow?