Koji Igarashi Is Developing A New "Vania" And You Can Get On Board

Koji Igarashi is a gaming legend. Without his influence on the Castlevania series, we wouldn't have 90% of the indie platformers currently on the market. Now, he's stepping into the indie scene with a game of his own. Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night will be the spiritual successor to the 2D Castlevania you know and love. It's been in funding for 9 months and has amassed $5.5 Million dollars of the $500,000 it's initially asked for. This has allowed for this game to be LOADED with extra content.

As it stands right now the game is releasing to ALL (yes Wii U too) platforms, has local co-op, David Hayter featured as a voice actor, classic game mode, 3 playable characters, a prologue game for the portables...the list goes on and on.

If you haven't funded it yet I highly suggest you do show. Early development of the game looks incredible and for $27, you are guaranteed a digital copy of the game on it's release in March 2017.

No game footage to look at yet but there is this awesome art and of course Igarashi doing his thing in his crowdfunding video. Check it all out below and fund the game right here!