Logitech Has Begun Shipping Exceptionally Thin RGB Mechanical Keyboards


Today Logitech has added to its line of gaming keyboards by releasing the G915 Lightspeed and G815 Lightsync RGB mechanical keyboards. Both Keyboards feature an open key design, which has been a highly requested feature, and an extremely thin low profile design. According to Logitech the design is "impossibly thin," at a height of 0.9 inches (22 mm). The length sits at 18.7 inches (475 mm) while the width is 5.9 inches (150 mm).

Both Keyboards utilize Logitech’s new GL switches and can come in 3 flavors.

GL Clicky - audible click and tactile feedback
GL Tactile - a gentle bump for some tactile feedback
GL Linear - a completely smooth keystroke

The new switches are half the height of Logitech’s previous switches and are claimed to offer 25% faster actuation time. A handy list of available switches with sound clips and graphs are also available on Logitech’s site!

Both keyboards offer the same layout and switches as well as media keys and macro keys, so what exactly is the difference between to two? Well the G915 features Lightspeed wireless technology to give it performance on par with wired keyboards. The G915 also has Bluetooth connectivity to allow it to be paired with other devices like mobile phones and tablets. Logitech has outlined the battery life of the G915 lasting around 135 days at 8 hours a day of usage. The G815 on the other hand is the wired alternative.

The G915 and G815 are now available now for $249.99 and $199.99.

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