LOST ODYSSEY Free To Download On Xbox One Until End Of The Year

In celebration of 300 games now available for Xbox One backwards compatibility, Microsoft has released Lost Odyssey for free until the end of the year. Major Nelson says both Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are now available digitally, with Lost Odyssey available to download to all players for free until December 31st. 

I've never played the game and literally everyone who texted me about it last night said I'm messing up by not playing, so I guess I'm gonna jump into an RPG soon! Here's a description for the title...

After a meteor wipes out the majority of forces from the nations of Uhra and Khent, Kaim joins Seth and Jansen to investigate the Grand Staff at the behest of the council of Uhra. At the Staff, the three are captured by hostile scouts who take them to Numara, where they meet with Queen Ming, another immortal who has lost her memory. The queen allows the group to go free in Numara, where Kaim meets Cooke and Mack, his grandchildren, who join the group after the death of their mother.

The game plays like a turn-based Final Fantasy which sounds right up my alley! Anyone who has played the game feel free to offer encouragement to others to download in the comments!