Madmind Brings Us A New Kind Of Hell In Upcoming Horror Game PARANOID


The studio that brought us through a journey within hell is taking us through a whole different kind of hell; a more personalized one. Madmind Studio has recently announced Paranoid, a first-person survival horror which takes place in the late ‘80s and combines a deep psychological plot with dynamic and brutal action.

While their main team that created Agony UNRATED is working on the next hell based game, Succubus, they have built a side team for this project. Paranoid is focused on Patrick Calman, a 31-year-old man who lost his whole family in mysterious circumstances. Players will take him through the struggles he faces due to his mental illness, which they plan to address with accuracy and proper respect. Check out the announcement trailer:

For an announcement trailer alone, Paranoid is looking to be a pretty amazing horror game. Not to mention the promising key features the game has listed.

  • A deep, immersive plot combining psychological horror with survival and combat.

  • A disturbing atmosphere that mixes psychosis with surrealism.

  • Realistic graphics.

  • Dreadful enemies.

  • Realistic and brutal melee combat.

  • Gameplay balancing on the verge of paranoia and reality.

  • Gameplay based on taking various types of drugs.

  • Three different endings depending on the style of the player's gameplay.

Paranoid looks like a game that any horror game fan should be excited for and is going to be exclusively on Steam. What did you think of the announcement trailer?