MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3 Trailer Shows Off A Huge Character Cast

During The Game Awards 2018, gamers got to see a glimpse into multiple upcoming games, along with a few world premiers. Majority of the world premiers were games that we have been waiting to see and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is no exception. Marvel’s series has kept players waiting for a new Ultimate Alliance announcement for roughly 10 years and they have finally delivered; at least to those with a Nintendo Switch.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order trailer shows off just about every super hero in the franchise and even includes quite a few villains, ending on the most popular enemy today - Thanos. Set to launch in 2019 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch is an interesting choice, but nonetheless it is a game worth keeping an eye out for. Check out the trailer:

It is pretty awesome to see the Guardians of the Galaxy crew and members of the X-Men fighting in the same game once again! These two teams of super heroes among my personal favorite in the entire Marvel franchise, but I still want to see what the other heroes have to offer as well.

Despite the fact that they are going to be exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, are you excited to see the Ultimate Alliance series reemerging from their years of silence?