MARVEL: ULTIMATE ALLIANCE "Worst PC Port Ever" According To Users

I know we had a lot of readers excited for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, and seeing as there's a $40 price tag on each of these bad boys ($60 for the bundle) I figured you need a heads up. VG247 and many Steam users are reporting huge issues with how the games run on PC. Here's the grocery list of issues the games have had so far...

  • Keys cannot be mapped for those wishing to use a keyboard and controls are locked on select keys.
  • Input lag and trouble navigating menus or selecting teams using keyboard.
  • Xbox One Controller not compatible with game
  • Ignores custom controls for 360 controller. This causes input commands to pop up that you can't progress forward as you've changed your controls and you have no ability to change your controls in game.

On the lesser side of complaints, people say the game looks bad. That's because it's a "remaster" in the sense that Activision literally just ported the game over so it would run...there was nothing else done to it.

Another big disappointment for PS4 and PC fans is that the DLC characters (which were exclusive to Microsoft back then) are STILL not available to these players. Essentially, if you buy this game on PC you're getting hosed in the highest regard.

Activision has made no announcement of plans to patch the issue, but let's hope for the sake of those who've already purchased they do.