METAL GEAR SURVIVE Dev Seems to Have Hidden a Message Calling Out Konami

Metal Gear Survive is the latest entry in the long standing Metal Gear franchise. However, it appears to be that a rogue developer, or several developers have hidden a message in the game, calling out the director and producer, while at the same time, praising the former developer of the series, Kojima Productions. 

The hidden message can be seen right after the player enters their name at the beginning of the main campaign, where you will be shown a clipboard containing a group of military code-names. Now, several users took their discovery to Reddit and Twitter, and showed that taking the first letter of each of the last names on the page will spell out, “KJP Forever,” which players interpreted as “Kojima Productions Forever.” Check out the original screenshot of the list below, followed by the highlighted list by a Reddit user. 

Furthermore, just underneath the page, the last two names showed a negative implication on the game’s director, Yota Tsutsumizaki and producer Yuji Korekado, which says “Bastard Yota,” and “Cunning Yuji,” both of which were listed as AWOL. Looking at the list further, taking the first letters of the last names of ‘Iron Marlin’ and ‘Dire Gibson’ would give us the word ‘MG’, which can be assumed as referring to ‘Metal Gear.’ Both these soldiers were listed as ‘KIA’. Could this mean that those rogue developers are saying that Metal Gear Survive represents the death of the franchise?

Just in case you do not know what has happened behind the scenes, Hideo Kojima is the series creator of Metal Gear, and his company, Kojima Productions, has been developing the games under the series for Konami until 2015, when the publisher terminated Kojima and disbanded the studio. Currently, Kojima is focused on his upcoming game, Death Stranding. 

Lastly, Metal Gear Survive is facing yet another controversy as they charge players around $10 to create a new save slot. Creating your first save file will be free of charge, however, if you decide to open another, without deleting your original character first, will cost you 10 bucks. 

What do you think of the discoveries of players from Reddit and Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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