METAL WOLF CHAOS XD Looks Set For An August Release!


As someone who really loved the original Xbox, Metal Wolf Chaos was an oddity. It was an Xbox exclusive made by From Software but was only released in Japan. Even more strange was that the whole game was completely in English, menus, text, voice overs everything! The game has become quite sought after over the years and goes for a fairly high price online between $100-$200 making it the most expensive standalone game on the system.

Last year Devolver Digital announced that Metal Wolf Chaos and all of its over the top mech action would finally see a proper western release with Metal Wolf Chaos XD and HD remaster of the original title. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is going to feature enhanced graphics, a new 16:9 presentation, fixed controls and an upgraded save system. The game was supposed to release sometime last year before being pushed into 2019.

Devolver Digital did reveal that the release date for the title would be announced this week. Though it appears that a listing on the Microsoft Store may have jumped the gun revealing that the title will release on August 6. Of course this date could have been made in error as the site was updating the listing but I am highly doubtful that this was the case. We will of course get confirmation in a matter of days so we will just have to wait and see! Metal Wolf Chaos XD is set to come to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Metal Wolf Chaos was an absolutely absurd game I can’t wait to play again!

Are you excited for the release of Metal Wolf Chaos XD? share your reasons below!